Do you have piles and piles of shoes shoved into your closet or even stuffed into one corner of your room? You don’t need to do this anymore. The truth is, no one likes to find piles of footwear strewn all over the floor untidily. Furthermore, everyone could use a little more space in their home. There are many shoe storage ideas out there. You need to choose one that fits your need best. Here are five simple ideas that you can take up.

Shoe organizer cubby

These furniture pieces allow the user to store the shoes inside a cubby hole. Many people will use this inside of front doors or other entryways to take off their shoes upon entering the house. These can be wood design or metal framed with canvas cubby holes.

Shoe organizer benches

A shoe storage bench is a piece of furniture intended to hold all your footwear neatly. These have several small sections that neatly allow separate storage of shoes. These elegant pieces of furniture add to the décor of an entryway, not to mention serving a great functionality. These shoe storage benches are also found in various sizes and shapes.

Shoe cabinet

There is a wide range of shoe cabinets to suit your preferred taste. Large cabinets can easily accommodate many pairs of shoes at a time. Smaller ones can hold several pairs of shoes as well. They are commonly made from pine, sturdy oak, and cherry wood. A shoe storage cabinet helps to store your shoes neatly and keep them from getting dirty.

Shoe storage boxes

These shoe storage options come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Clear shoe boxes are probably some of the most convenient available on the market as they allow you to see the pair of shoes inside at a glance. Also, these boxes can be slid neatly underneath the bed or stacked on top of one another.

Shoe rack

A shoe rack can help you organize and display your shoes so that you don’t have to dig through the clutter the next time you need your shoes. Many furniture suppliers use hardwood to make racks, giving them a classic and elegant finish. Many people choose racks for their footwear due to their adaptability, versatility, cost-efficiency, and flexibility.

Setting up your shoes and arranging them neatly not only helps save space but makes it easier for you to retrieve the pair you want quickly without having to waste a lot of time.