The one of a kind Mediterranean design originated in countries north of the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, Greece, and Italy. These homes are luxurious and give a romantic vibe with their unique and ornate columns and arches.

The Mediterranean architectural style is known as Mediterranean Revival and gives a feeling of being in a Mediterranean villa. The interior gives a comfortable feel with it’s earthy color schemes along with it’s rustic décor. It brings both the European elegance along with modern and more traditional elements.

Mediterranean Beauty

Mediterranean homes use a great deal of natural materials such as ceramics, wood, and wrought iron in their décor. Furniture ranges from simple and functional to romantic and formal. Pieces are usually short and legs and feet are ornately made with heavy hardware. Light fixtures are bronze and the countertops along with fireplace mantels usually have a bullnose edge. The walls are normally textured with colors of the sea and sky. Accessories are usually one of a kind handmade pieces and rooms are large and open with large windows and soft rugs.

The outside of these homes are just as beautiful as the inside with tiled roofs and stucco or brick siding. The outdoor patio leaves you feeling like you are in paradise surrounded with beautiful plants and trees along with an ornate fountain. The furniture is comfortable and inviting with color schemes of earthy blues, whites, greens, deep reds, and purples and can be quite ornate with Terra cotta or brick floors. It’s not unusual for mosaic tiles to be incorporated into the floor. These areas are definitely made for entertaining.

The unique style of a Mediterranean home is one that can’t be beat with its colorful and pleasing design, elegant exterior, and timeless architecture.